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A leadership forum specifically developed to facilitate passionate performance and to inspire individuals towards quantum improvement in all areas of their lives, professionally, personally and holistically.

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Building a three year vision!

Our 27 elements of Facilitative and VISIONARY leadership are proven tools, if used correctly, will assist you to become an inspirational and Visionary Leader.


In business today there’s a lot of talk about vision, but very few managers really do anything about it. This program will be a structured process to enable you to personally and your organisation (if applicable) create a strategic vision for the next three years.


One of the key areas of performance often referred to is the increased levels of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Leaders have had to work hard at making the skill of visioning habitual.

Philosophy and approach

Our simple philosophy and approach shows that if you commit to high levels of involvement and participation throughout the program you will learn much about yourself and more generally your personal impact on those around you including the people you lead.


Values offer fixed points of reference in a rapidly changing world, providing a degree of stability and continuity during periods of upheaval or times of corporate crisis. Moreover, some believe that ‘inspirational values’ can support the actual process of change and the vision.

Visionary Goals

Visionary goals should build on people’s strength, not just on one’s weakness. By capitalising on individual and collective team strengths, organisations can pursue learning and growth with confidence.

Emotional Intelligence

For too long managers have seen emotions and values at work as noise, a distraction that clutters the rational operation of their organisations. What organisations everywhere need now is to realise the benefits of primal leadership, cultivating leaders who generate the emotional resonance that allows its people to flourish and become more productive.

Our commitment to you is that we will share a wealth of knowledge and industry based experiences from our experienced team of coaches and facilitators. Our 27 elements of facilitative and visionary leadership are proven tools, that if used effectively, will assist you in becoming an inspirational and visionary leader. If you learn anything from this adventure it is definitely your fault. Similarly if you don’t learn anything it is also your fault. This much we can guarantee!
Mark jones
Business Development Manager


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