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Consider our diverse, outcomes based training programmes and business solutions to kick-start your business or take it to the next level.

1/2 day Customer Service Refresher

Just what your staff need to energise their passion towards your customers.

Full day customer service intensive

Equipping your staff with the tools and knowledge needed to consistently exceed your customers expectations

Foundation facilitation skills

Learn the building blocks of facilitation to grow your confidence and skills within any group learning environment.

Advanced Facilitation Training

Expanding your facilitation toolkit giving you what it takes to be respected in this highly competitive field. In depth guided training to elevate your workshops and group interactions to the highest level.

Facilitating Change

Be guided through the processes of effectively being able to facilitate long term lasting change within your own organisation and your clients organisations.

Facilitating High Performance Teams

Overcome operational challenges and cultural barriers to enable the development of high performing teams. Learn the skills and knowledge required to keep your teams focused, engaged and effective.

Facilitative leadership

A contemporary leadership program specifically developed to facilitate passionate performance and to inspire individuals towards quantum improvements in all areas of their lives, professionally, personally and holistically. A must do workshop for any leader or manager wanting to take their team or business to the next level!

Emerging Leaders

Future proofing today's sharp minds to become tomorrow future leaders

Organisational Design

Designed to create the perfect space to enable change processes towards organisational change goals, values, mission statements and the fine tuning of organisational strategies to align with new business systems and goals.

Leadership and teams development

Enabling leaders to grow their skills, better manager their teams towards higher productivity, and to build a positive team cultural awareness within the organisation as a whole.

Visionary Leadership

Discover the visionary leadership model, inspiring in vision, and helping others to see how they can contribute to the organisations big picture; allowing the leader and followers to move together towards a shared view of the future.

Belief Research and cultural development

Explore where thoughts, feelings, beliefs and perceptions come from and how they impact your life and the life of those around you, in the workplace and at home. Discover and understand the cycle in order to make healthy changes, allowing you, the team and the business to progress towards it's organisational goals.

Couples in Business

Starting a business together or being in a long term business together can be both challenging and rewarding. Discover the secrets to truely succeed in business while achieving that crucial work life balance and a business you can be truely proud of.

FreshBiz - Coming to Australia soon

The Collaboratory Series is a transformational, social learning lab that introduces forward-thinking professionals to effective, science-based modalities that build capacities within yourself, your teams, and organisation to collaborate more effectively, to think creatively, act resourcefully, foster entrepreneurship and innovate faster.

Radical Collaboration

Mentor training