The Collaboratory Series

Discover the hidden potential in collaborative communities


The Collaboratory Series is a transformational, social learning lab that introduces forward-thinking professionals to effective, science-based modalities that build capacities within yourself, your teams, and organisation to collaborate more effectively, to think creatively, act resourcefully, foster entrepreneurship and innovate faster. 


Curated by Mark Jones and the team at Jenark Business Solutions in partnership with Brain Friendly Dynamics, the Collaboratory is an incredible four-hour experience with lots of social interactions, delicious food, impactful learning and inspiring conversations.

Space is limited to 24 participants per event!

Immersive learning experience

The event features an immersive learning experience designed to challenge you and, at a minimum, shift your perspective about work and life challenges.  Learning experiences are immediately useful and easy to apply directly back in your workplace.

At our next Collaboratory, we’ll experience the FreshBiz Game simulation.  If you have never had a game-based learning experience, then you’re in for a treat!  FreshBiz is an international sensation and regularly played by companies and organisations looking to transform their cultures and to improve operational efficiency. Conscious Capitalism, Audi, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, the United Nations, Ernst & Young, Accenture, Prada, Sony, and many others have participated in FreshBiz to experience how to play business and life by a new set of rules, a set of rules designed to expand possibilities and build success.

The team at Jenark Business Solutions and Brain Friendly Dynamics were excited for the opportunity to share this experience with you.

Come and shift your perspective with us!

Space is LIMITED to 24 participants per event!

Central Coast Reviews

The FreshBiz play format was really good - far better than I expected it to be. I really liked the way it allowed us to move beyond our comfort zone and exposed self-limiting habits and beliefs.
Mike Goodman
NSW Business Chamber
I found this a worthwhile workshop to attend regarding the utilisation of connections and resources beyond our immediate surroundings. Connectivity, communication and above all collaboration when used correctly can move mountains.
Janice Wells
Milestone Belanova
This event was a fantastic surprise. I think we all know in theory the difference that collaboration can make, but to experience it in this fashion, and then discuss the practical applications made this an outstanding event to open even the most open of minds. I highly recommend it!
Gail Cottrill
Open Shutters

Jenark Business Solutions is proud to be in a position of offering this dynamic learning event to entrepreneurs and growth focused businesses across Australia.




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