Full Day Customer Service Intensive

Getting it right!

A program designed to develop a culture of service excellence

The Sky's The Limit

The customer will believe that staff is more interested in their needs, than those of their own!

The opportunity to learn and develop a skill-set that will equip you with knowledge that can be utilised in any commercial or organisational environment.

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

We offer customised forums built around your direct needs and can deliver programmes in-house or off-site. Follow up can be achieved with participants through workplace visits, webinars, phone calls and Skype hook up’s in order to ensure long term results.

What is customer service?

Everyone throughout an organisation has potential impact on customers. All employees need to understand how their communications, body language and attitudes affect other people. It can have either a positive or negative impact, however the bottom line is “First impressions are lasting impressions”.

Excellence V's Success

Excellence is a state of being. So this therefore means that you are either being excellent in what you do, or you are not. Let’s take this concept one step further and you will find that excellence is a choice, a decision that we all have. You can choose to be excellent, or do something with excellence, or not, this choice is ultimately yours. Success on the other hand is the outcome of being excellent. Success is the reward for being superior, or outstanding in your actions. Success is the recognition that you get when you have practiced excellence in all of your actions. Success is the end result!

Handling difficult customers

Exploring the different tools and techniques available to you to create Win, Win, Win outcomes. REMEMBER: The customer may not always be right, however they are still your customer and need to be treated with respect.

Identifying Habits

What are the cultural/organisational habits that are inhibiting maximum performance in your organisation? What can you do PERSONALLY that will make a difference (CHANGE) how YOU work and how you personally impact on those around you, internally and externally?

Taking Responsibility

How responsible are you being for ensuring total customer satisfaction? The simple message for everyone is this; your long term survival as a business, your longevity of employment as an employee, your future career advancement opportunities all comes down to how well you serve your customers. They are the lifeblood of any organisation. Try staying in business without them, it just won’t happen!

Matching talent to task

Identify all the TALENTS and skills possessed by your team members. Unlock your people’s strengths and as a team work together to cover any weaknesses.

Feedback processes

Seek customer feedback on a regular basis. Identify their needs and work as a team to ensuring that their expectations are always exceeded. Review your processes and systems, looking for better ways to deliver products and services to your most important asset, your customers.

Internal and external customers

Treat and value your internal customers (co-workers) as equally important as your external paying customers. Internal job satisfaction and high levels of moral and team spirit contribute significantly to service delivery and business performance. Keep your customers happy, always looking for ways to serve them better. Smile, smile and smile, ensure that they leave your business as raving fans and the rest will fall into place.


Building a reputation for “Customer Service Excellence” is no easy task. It often takes a holistic approach to cultural change, building an employee culture that eats, sleeps and breathes excellence in all that you do. This means everyone from the Board of Directors through to the courtesy bus drivers and cleaners is responsible for providing a level of care to ALL customers that consistently exceeds their expectations. Anything short of this mark does not equate to excellence in service


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