Facilitating High Performance Teams

Overcoming operational challenges and cultural barriers

Enabling the development of high performance teams (HPT)

Course Content

This is an intensive customised program that can run over 1 – 3 days with follow up sessions in the workplace to maximise HPT results. This is largely dependant on the size of the organisation and the needs of the organisation.

Leadership styles

Uncover, master and learn contemporary leadership theory and practice, applicable to all organisations large or small.

High level Decision Making

Take your decision making skills to the next level and ensure your HPT realises it’s full potential.

clear communication styles

Learn how to value quality communication over the quantity of communication. Seeking clarity from others to gain understanding, rather than to  be judgemental  or make assumptions.

managing Diversity

Collaboratively engaged dialogue involving all stakeholders will ensure that trusted,
timely and relevant communications become the hallmark of team success.

Mutual Trust

Creating a team that trusts unconditionally is the foundation for any team to maintain credibility throughout the organisation. As a team and individually they have the ability to create and grow trust with others interpersonally. In turn this will extend trust internally and externally to all stakeholders.

Managing Conflict

High Performing Teams are able to BALANCE organisational objectives and team
results with effective planning processes and relationships which create dynamic and
trusting cultures. A teams ability to balance these two components help them create and
maintain focus and decrease distractions or potential conflicts.

Clear End goals

High Performing teams have agreed-upon goals that are SMART and clearly relevant to the team’s task. Each goal has a measurable result attached, which can be used to determine the team’s effectiveness and improvement. Teams should constantly review and measure their progress to maintain focus and work towards continuous
improvement. Understanding and working toward these common goals as a unit is
crucial to the team’s effectiveness.

Special Note: Becoming a top-performing top team must be one of the team’s END


High Performing Teams use COLLABORATION to get things done. They value
interdependency and share a strong appetite for learning and continuous improvement.
High performance teams understand that they are only as strong as their weakest link,
they subsequently support each other in achieving required outcomes.

Team dynamics

Team members understand the Big Picture of their work to the greatest degree possible.
That includes understanding the relevance of his or her job and how it impacts the
effectiveness of others and the overall team effort. Understanding the big picture
promotes collaboration, increases commitment and improves project execution and

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