Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Go beyond Your personal boundaries and comfort zone in a consultative and safe environment

Engage with an executive business coach

Your Executive Coach will guide you. However, you will need to take the required steps and actions to reach your desired milestones and achievements.

together your future plan will emerge

Solving Real Problems

Executive coaching outcomes

Preventing self sabotage

Learning to get out of your own way...breaking unhealthy habits

Willingness to make change happen and lead the process

If nothing changes...nothing changes!

Reality check

Expectations Vs Reality Being prepared to set realistic timeframes and milestones - celebrate achievements along the way

Attitude Vs Behaviour Check

Does your reputation proceed you in the best way? Getting to know yourself better

Working under pressure

Do you put too much pressure on yourself? What is in your control and what is out of your control?

What is your predominant personality style?

Complete a personality profile to determine your predominant personality style.

Explore your options by having more than one  Coach – If you need specialised coaching support we will consult with our team to provide you with the best support possible.

Jeanette Jones

Creative Director and Facilitator

Mark Jones

Business Development Director and Facilitator

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