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Industry Development

Mark Jones is often referred to as a “master” of experiential based learning philosophy and adult education. Mark has a Dual Diploma in Vocational Education, Certification in Business Facilitation, and is a past Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Facilitators. 

Often engaged as an Executive Coach or Mentor, he was co-author of the Australian Small Business Mentoring Handbook.

Mark has extensive experience in managing vocational learning projects and change implementation strategies across both private and public sector organisations.

Many written testimonials consider him as an invaluable resource for any organisation wishing to innovate with the development and effectiveness of their leadership teams, building workforce capability, and the development of a highly skilled and engaged workforce.


Creative Director

Jeanette Jones has over 15 years’ experience in senior management roles as a media, marketing and business improvement professional. She enjoys working with businesses, teams and individuals in an effort to maximise their client / customer engagement through improved leadership and team dynamics / performance.

Recognised for excellence in service delivery, Jeanette is also a very competent Project Coordinator and Event Manager.  Having Facilitated community engagement, business improvement, and leadership development conferences for organisations such as The Australian Retailers Association “Aussie Host” program, The Queensland Tourism Industry Council, Telstra, and many Queensland Government agencies. 

Jeanette is an accomplished coach and mentor to senior management teams and business entrepreneurs, and was a key member of the RDA funded QLD Guilde of Business Mentors. She an accomplished cultural change and leadership facilitator recognised for her outstanding people engagement and communication skills.

Growing your business

At Jenark Business Solutions we are in the business of helping our customers, businesses (large and small), and their employees become more effective and profitable by growing and improving their operational efficiency. We do this through the development and facilitation of bespoke and structured learning strategies, and proven business improvement and consulting interventions.

Powerful, principle based skills development

Jenark delivers powerful, principle based skills development and experiential learning interventions to enhance and embed learning outcomes.

Since our initial launch in 1997 as TRAC Consulting, our business has evolved with over 120,000 – man hours of consulting, training, coaching, assessment and mentoring interventions with some of Australasia’s most progressive and iconic brand names.

Our Client Services

Development Initiatives

Focused on effective implementation and adaptation to change.

Improved Performance

Leadership & team’s development, leading to higher productivity and improved performance.

Conflict Dynamics

Develop high level mediation skills and NLP techniques to better understand and manage conflict situations

People Capability

Skills profiling, learning and training process consulting to enhance people capability

Competancy Framework

Providing competency framework development and skills assessments and 360 degree feedback and performance assessments

Culture and Change Processes

Learn about cultural dynamics, cultural diagnostic studies and team dynamics through coaching, mentoring and customised training.

Our Global Partners

Access our brains trust – a collective of people sharing knowledge as a form of currency

Scott Winter



Scott Winter is a globally renowned facilitator and founder of Brain-Friendly Dynamics. With vast experience in Government, not for profit environments and NGO’s delivering leadership development projects, Scott integrates proven research-based methods of coaching, group learning and team facilitation with the latest research and technologies in Positive Psychology, Social Cognitive and Psychological Neuroscience to deliver engaging and impactful learning interventions.

His facilitation processes challenge and stimulate leadership improvement, personal and team development, or change within a system or process to maximise the effectiveness of individuals, teams and organisations.

Yosef Funke



Yosef is a co-founder of Brain Friendly Dynamics and is an expert facilitator of the FreshBiz Experience. Yosef helps organisations to maximise their potential by helping teams and cultures to become radically collaborative and innovative with how they work together. Utilising his high-level facilitation skills, Yosef’s workshops and methods help shift individuals’ attitudes from a scarcity mentality to that of higher trust, clarity and mental flexibility. 

Outcomes from his workshops realise changes in behaviour so that the collective practice of working together becomes more seamless. His approach is impactful, grows team effectiveness and is gratifying for everyone involved.

Yosef’s key deliverables focus on building strategy, industry development, project management, relationship development, leadership and teams training and growing organisational capability.


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