1/2 Day Customer Service Refresher

The Sky's The Limit

Successful businesses need happy satisfied customers

Basics to re-ignite and refresh customer service experiences

Attitude towards Customers

Your attitude and body language is felt by every customer at every touch point

Turning a complaining customer into a happy customer

Going above and beyond to bring the customer experience to life

Internal and External Customers

Working as a team internally to generate exceptional external customer experiences

Experiential Customised Refresher Learning Outcomes

What you will learn together

ATTITUDE: Customer expectations in a diverse highly competitive market

Teams and individuals will learn how to cope and remain calm putting the customer first at all times. Emotions v’s Professionalism.

TEAMS: Getting it right internally so it is reflected externally

TRUST: Teams and individuals will learn that they are internal customers of each other. Understanding team dynamics, team support and learning to trust and support each other internally. If teams trust each other customers will trust enough to continue to come back and refer business

Customer complaint handling

Teams and individuals will learn that customers may not always be right, however they are still their customers and all complaint handling needs to be respectfully dealt with creating win, win, win outcomes.

What is your contribution?

Individuals within teams will identify how they are currently contributing to deliver excellence in customer service. Are they contributing to or taking away from the customer experience? 

Customer Culture

Creating a vibrant, energetic customer focused culture that you enjoy being a part of.

If you’re not having fun with what you’re doing, then you’re doing it wrong!

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